Dear Coach JJ:
My boss is retiring.  I was offered the job, which is the department head role.  But I am torn because I know that I will retire in two years.  Do I want to assume this responsibility or stay where I am and ride it out until retirement?  Help!  

-Promotion or Retirement

Dear Promotion or Retirement:
Here’s my career advice, obviously, the company leadership knows you can do the job.  And the staff you now work with respect you.  Let’s look at this two ways.  You decline it and an outside applicant is hired. The new leader is a question mark.  The person could do well and appreciate you and you maintain the status quo.  But what if the new person wants to cut staff or reorganize.  You might be retiring earlier than you wanted to or can afford to.  Or, you accept the position.  You work to maintain and improve the department.  You involve the staff to assist you and develop them in the process.  At six months prior to your desired retirement, you give your notice and offer to train your successor.  This second option is better for your future over the next two years and I would think better for the others in the department.  Plus, you will give your top leadership advance notice of your departure to make for a smooth transition.

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