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You did an amazing job! Thank you for all your hard work and inspirational words!
Charlie R., Project Manager
I love it!!
If this resume was a portrait, I’d look like a 21year old super model
Angela M., New Graduate RN
I really like this new resume! The expertise portion you have created will allow me to get the key words needed into the first two lines to grab attention immediately.
Laurie A., Operations Manager
Definitely looking better!
Cherie P., Medical Assistant
FYI, this looks really fantastic! Could not possibly be more pleased.
Bill T., Finance Professional
Read the proof…. looking fantastic!
Marcia F., RN
It looks good!!!
Carmen B., Director of Human Resources
Thanks for everything – you are fantastic!
Laurie L., Marketing Assistant
I “officially” started my job search on Sunday evening. WOW! What an overwhelming response! I already have 5 (legitimate) interviews scheduled. This resume must be magic, I swear. You certainly have another happy client.
Holly P.
You did an excellent job. I’m proud of it! I will definitely refer you.
Karen T., Realtor
That looks great! I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks so much.
Kristin B., Medical Sales Rep
My resume looks professional for the first time. You did a great job!
Vadna C., Dentist
Thanks so much!!!
Deborah M.
You are a pro at this!
Shawn B., Construction Supervisor
…it looks good – Thanks!
Donald S., CFO
The resume looks great; I’m very pleased.
Leslie N., Office Manager
I love the resume. Thank you.
Bill P., Employee Benefits Specialist
LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! This is great. I am impressed. It reads so much better plus more.
Nadine L., Human Resources Generalist
I certainly appreciate your help.
Jacqueline B., Director of Human Resources
Thank you, it looks great.
Jennifer H., Social Worker
Wow! What a transformation. The new format looks great! Thank you again for giving me such a great new look.
Charlotte B., IT Project Manager
The resume looks great! I don’t really see anything that needs to be changed.
David R., Business Developer
I love the look of this.
Ellen H., Call Center Manager
Looks great!! Thank you for doing such a great job on it!!
Filipp K., Business Operations Analyst
The resume looks great!
Lisa C., Director of Nursing
Jean, thank you–it looks great.
Ron D., Retail Sales Rep
This is great–concise and high level.
Joel B., IT Project Manager
I am happy with it. Thank you so much for your help!
Ted B., Animal Care Tech
Thank you, this is much better… 🙂
Agata B., Customer Service Rep
Thank you so much! It looks really nice!
Elizabeth R., Fashion Assistant Buyer
Wow! This looks really good. Had an interview today and was hired on the spot. CPA firm downtown. Thank you so much for your help it is going to be a great fit for me!

Kristin V., Staff Accountant
Looked over the resume and it looks great.
JC G., Yacht Broker
Looks great. Thank you.
Corinne D., Customer Service Rep
Wow this is Great! TY Jean! I LOVE cover letter~too!!!
Michel B., Counseling Intern
I really like the resume!
Elizabeth R., Fashion Buyer’s Assistant
I love my new resume. I have an interview scheduled this week.
Lilianne A., Account Manager
Thank you so much for writing my resume. I like it! I am so excited about the results of finding a great job! I am very pleased with the cover letter.
Ruth S., Healthcare Info Tech
Thank you. The resume looks nice.
Laura G., Customer Service Rep
Read the proof…. looking fantastic! Update: Hi Jean! This is Marcia Feasel. I GOT THE JOB!!! (RN Pedi float at St. Joseph’s Hospital-south) I am currently in the pre-employment process with start date Jan. 9. THANK YOU?
Marcia F., RN
The resume looks amazing and I Iove the letter. Thank you for everything
Rafael A., Judiciary Professional
Thank you so much. Looks good.
Tamara B., Admin Assistant
I think the bio is good to go. It looks good! Thanks for everything.
David L., Vice President
Looks great! Awesome job! Thank you so much!!! It all looks great!
Gretchen T., Dental Assistant
The resume is amazing! The layout is awesome! I’ve never seen anything stand out like this resume does. I can’t believe it’s my resume. You can really turn boring into the WOW Factor.
Louis P., Senior Field Director
It’s beautiful!

Randi B., Teacher
It looks perfect.

Mike H., US Marshall
Thank you for doing such a great job on it.
Mike B., Medical Billing Specialist
Thank you, Ms., Juchnowicz for the resume that you did for me. It was outstanding and I received a lot of feedback. I got the dream job I wanted. Thank you so much.
Brenda F., Chef
I think it looks great! Love the format! Thanks for all your work on the resume and cover letter. I’m excited to hit the market with them!

Colin S., Account Manager
Everything looks great! Thank you.
Ryan P., Law Enforecement

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