Clients looking for career coaching often are not exactly sure what the process will look like and do for them. These clients tend to not understand the difference between coaching and consulting, even though there are some very real differences. Let’s look at this:

The International Coach Federation defines the industry as follows: “Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.”

A career consultant serves in more of an advisory role. Particularly, to help their clients with the problems they are facing at their job. The consultant is not looking to help the client reach their potential, change jobs, explore opportunities, more so is to simply help solve a specific issue.

While the coaching process can take various formats, a typical format might be a once-a-week for 12 weeks process with an agenda and tools to succeed. Know that every coach brings their special talents to the process. Some coaches might be hiring authorities, some might be well connected in the working community, some specialize in career change strategies, some have therapeutic training.

Five attributes of a quality career coach are:
Listening – The ability to listen to what is said and what is implied.
Flexibility – Life changes, goals get modified, things happen – the ability to change quickly.
Interest – A genuine interest in the client, the mutually decided client’s goals, the progress being made.
Accepting – Accepting of challenges in the way, excuse made and overcome, periods of disappointment.
Follow-up – This is a partnership, steps agreed upon must be made, plan – do – review.

When you’re in the middle of a mid-career crisis or not feeling appreciated at your employer, the right career coach can be a lifesaver, helping you identify potential future paths and the means to reach them. A career coach can look from the outside and provide a fresh perspective. A good career coach can prevent hours of frustration by sharing their best practices with you. The job-hunting process has changed and will continue to change. What worked five years ago may not work now. Typically, just being sure you have the best career tools is a start.

As with any journey, there are plans, detours, the traversing to do, introspective analysis, people along the way, and outcomes to achieve. If you think a career coach could be a partner on your next journey, contact us. We have blazed a few trails!

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