In the Market for a Sales Position? Sales job openings are some of the most popular opportunities now. The ability to sell can be a natural ability or a cultivated skill. The most successful sales professionals are typically able to persuade, well-organized, people-oriented, risk-tolerant, collaborative, and industrious.

Jeffrey Gitomer is considered the “King of Sales”. He wrote The Little Red Book of Selling. Dale Carnegie Training and Sandler Training are two of the most well-established training programs that are highly recommended.

Starting with a modern, professional, and custom résumé is necessary. Understand personal branding and brand your image as clear and consistent, and the rest of your career documents the same as your resume. Realize that your Linked In profile {is it LinkedIn or Linked in?} must be your well-crafted and really is your public advertisement when looking for a sales job. Metrics are important on your résumé and on your Linked In, list those accomplishments concisely. When you find an opening, research on LinkedIn and invite the hiring manager to connect with a brief note.

But first, see if you have any mutual connections. Mention them in the note. Contact them first if it might help for them to know that you contacted their contact and are job hunting for a sales position. Have they done a recommendation for you? Ask if they would and get that process going.

Show your passion, eagerness, and attention-to-detail in your cover letter and on all of your social media profiles. Rehearse your elevator speech. Internalize your personal mission statement. Have a favorite saying you quote. Practice storytelling, selling is needs assessment and selling solutions.

Social media can help or hurt your job hunt. But one thing is certain: recruiters use social media to learn about you and you must use social media to find out about job openings. You don’t want to underestimate the power of your social media profiles to display your qualifications, give employers a preview of your personality, and help you target and score a new job. Nor do you want to lose your job or lose a job opportunity because of your social media content.

Your social media headshot must be clear, current, and professional…attire, facial expression, and looking at the camera. If you need help cleaning up your social media presence, I can help!

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