Dear Coach JJ:
I just graduated from college but I don’t have a new job to start. I am still working at my part time job. I applied for jobs but have not been contacted back. My career objective is non-profit management.  What are things I should be doing?
-College Grad Needs Career Start

Dear College Grad Needs Career Start,
First off, congratulations on your graduation.  I am assuming you have a current professional resume prepared with the help of your college career service center.  Find the local association for non-profit management.  Go to a meeting as a guest and introduce yourself as a job seeker.  Prepare a brief stand up introduction.  Ask for advice, leads and assistance in your job search.  Collect business cards and ask if you may send your resume to that person.  If you can afford to join the group as an associate or supporter or member, do so.  Participate in the group as an association volunteer on committees.  Continue to apply for positions electronically, but follow up in a week by phone or in-person to a specific person after you have researched the organization and can speak clearly about how you are the right person for the current opening; ask for a brief in-person interview.  This should be a good start.

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