Sarasota, FL- Project 180 Volunteers visit Desoto Annex Correctional Institution with their CEO Program. On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, Project 180 presented its future-focused original CEO Program to Desoto Annex prison inmates who are about to re-enter the workforce and adapt to life on the outside. This program is a unique workforce education program which takes CEOs, hiring managers and workforce agency specialists into the prisons to teach soon-to-be-released inmates how to find, apply for, interview for and retain a position in each CEO’s industry.

The volunteer participants in this recent program included:

  • Mike Gonzalez, Sales Manager, PeopleReady
  • Robin Cody, Career Development Facilitator, Goodwill Manasota
  • Jean Juchnowicz, President of Human Resources Simplified and Career Advice Simplified
  • Rick Ratner, Branch Manager of Landrum HR
  • Evelyn Torres, Director of Human Resources, Sutter Roofing
  • Ralph George, President, Veteran Metals, Inc.

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Project 180 seeks to reintegrate former offenders into community life and to reduce poverty, homelessness, unemployment and criminal behavior among formerly incarcerated citizens. The organization serves five counties in SW Florida.

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