Non-Traditional Places to Network can lead to a more robust relationship! If you’re looking for new places to connect with potential employers, business partners or employees, get out of the house! Network somewhere fun, new or interesting. So where can you go? Let’s look at all the different places you could go:

 The dog park – socialize yourself while your dog socializes
 The mall – shop and smile and strike up conversations
 The coffee shop – sip and see who comes in
 The museum – pick a Saturday and sign up for a tour
The library – check out the meetings and programs they offer
 The outside tiki bar in summer – sit around and talk to your bar mates
 The local donut shop – ogle the offerings, chose one, observe the customers
 The best happy hour – research, dress professional, grab a friend, mingle around
 The newcomers club – new to town? Join the local newcomers club and ask questions!

Non-Traditional Places to Network can create new opportunities. Networking keys to success are your attitude and energy, not just the location. Almost anywhere, you can meet someone who will help you take your next step in your career. Send the message with your smile and open body language that you are a friendly person and see where it takes you!

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